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Since its introduction in 1973 with the publication of Vernon Johnson’s book I’ll Quit Tomorrow, the practice of professional intervention has become widespread. Indeed, its popularity continues to grow. Beginning in 2005, the television show, Intervention, has become one of the A&E network’s most popular offerings. Introducing a new and different case each episode, the show illustrates the progressive nature of addiction and demonstrates an actual professional intervention, with nationally-recognized treatment centers providing the treatment.

Private companies now exist to provide trained interventionists to families and employers all over the United States and even overseas.

Professional Intervention offers hope and a way out for many.  Is it for you?

It’s worth looking into.

Here are some Internet resources on professional intervention:

AIS logo


The Association of Intervention Specialists website, with a directory listing of professional interventionists and other information about intervention.




The National Association of Drug & Alcohol Interventionists, with links to a number of resources.


NII Logo

The Network of Independent Interventionists website, with a membership listing.




We make no recommendations or certifications about these sites or about any of the Interventionists that may be listed or contacted through them.  But they do provide a starting place.

The Cost of Professional Intervention

There is no standard cost comparison guide for professional intervention.  It may be expensive, but there are low-cost alternatives available.  Some treatment programs and facilities maintain relationships with professional interventionists, and if you have already determined that a particular facility is a good prospect, you can contact them and ask for help.

Family Coaching:  Do-It-Yourself Intervention

Professionals are helpful, and in many cases may be a great option, but it is possible to do successful intervention with them.  Recovery Systems Institute offers a wide array of resources about how intervention works, and how you can do it yourself.  We even have the Family Coaching program to provide individualized help.

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