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Sometimes it’s new information. Sometimes it’s helpful, hopeful news. And sometimes it’s clickbait, bad information or useless.

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A Bad Night in Minneapolis

Our alternative is to increase and lengthen our sentences for people who have serious drinking problems, and so far the Legislature hasn’t been willing to do that, and I’m not sure society wants a person — even if they have their second or third DWI — to be put in prison for 25 years.

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Prescription for Violence

I heard one man exclaim in a packed hospital waiting room. “It’s her damn job. She took an oath.” I was struck by his sense of entitlement. And I could envision how, enhanced by withdrawal and desperation, it could turn violent.

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Illini Weed

…most of that sales revenue seems to have landed in the laps of existing cannabusinesses– those owned by rich investors who have established reps and ready access to capital.

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Native Cannabis

Somehow he contrived to approve the establishment of 36 industrial-quality black market cannabis farms on properties that had been dedicated to raising corn for traditional Native ceremonies.

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