A Bad Mistake

Problem: even if society passes good laws to regulate sales, how can we enforce them?

A very bad mistake indeed, one that resulted in an outbreak of poisonings, traceable to a popular psychoactive edible. In this case, it’s a product that advertises itself as containing a microdose of a substance derived from psychotropic mushrooms.

Brand name: Diamond Shruumz.

The true origins of the problem lie in the explosion in growth of a commercial industry based on making and marketing drug-infused edibles -- and the absence of an effective system of quality controls.

There are consequences, of course. The tab to date, per CDC, from this one product line:

Total cases: 48
Hospitalizations: 27
Potentially associated death: 1 (under investigation)
States: 24 (AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IN, IA, KY, MD, MN, MO, MT, NV, NJ, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN)
Recall: Yes
Investigation status: Active

The story made the national news.

Mushroom chocolates, gummies recalled across multiple states linked to hospitalizations, illness

Per CDC, "[the...


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An MD takes on the DEA

Still, "pill mills" do continue to exist, if not in the numbers they once did. I suppose they could stage a comeback -- the economics still work.

The Bill Comes Due

ALD (alcohol-related liver disease) in the United States is projected to cost $355 billion in direct healthcare-related costs and $525 billion in lost labor and economic consumption.

Another Country Tries Prohibition

...efforts to provide treatment for the many victims of rampant alcoholism have been relatively rare, largely volunteer efforts funded by donations rather than much in the way of government support.

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Gambling in the Military

One of the tenets of gambling addiction is chasing losses... You add the warrior mentality to that, and you’ve basically got gambling addiction on steroids.

Hunter on Trial

...in the claustrophobic environment of a trial, it seems it's still permissible to treat the consequences of this complex, multifactorial chronic disorder as simply the result of some poor soul’s irresponsible decision-making.


...we still haven't made much progress in terms of agreeing on what qualifies as legitimate psychotherapy. Or perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t.

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Nonetheless, there's plenty of research to suggest that the risk of developing a Cannabis Use Disorder -- an addiction -- increases with early first use.

Exercising for Chronic Pain Relief

We've known for several decades that regular exercise, even the mild sort, helps lessen symptoms of depression. It comes as no surprise that it may also help with CPS and the mood problems that accompany it.

Drugs in Jail

If 70% or more of a jail population has been identified as having a drug or alcohol problem – that does happen – then what you’re really operating is a treatment center that happens to have bars on the windows and guards at the entrance.

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