Resources for Families

Resources on this website, especially the materials in the Families section of the Library, are available to help families of someone in the grip of active addiction, or walking the challenging and rewarding path of recovery. All resources are free. We can be contacted through social media by people looking for specific information, or you can reach us through the Contact Us page.

Resources for People in Recovery

We maintain an active feed on Twitter and are always happy to hear from you on your recovery journey. Materials in the Recovering People section of the Library may be useful in answering common questions about the recovery experience, feel free to share them.

Resources for Addiction Clinicians

Most of our resources for clinicians are right here in the Clinicians section of the Library and they are free. RecoverySI also provides training on various topics (see “Help for Programs”) and you may request specific information through engaging with us on Twitter or via the Contact Us page.

Help and Resources for Programs

Prevention, Advocacy, Treatment and Recovery Programs will find useful free resources in the Programs section of the Library.

In addition, some of the things we can help with on a consulting basis include:


  • Licensure, CARF Certification and regulatory compliance
  • Bidding and contract development
  • Budgeting, expense restructuring, and cost-cutting
  • Building interfaces with Mental Health, Criminal Justice and other related services/systems
  • Administrative systems review and development (Policies & Procedures, forms, etc.)
  • Linking levels of care/services to create more effective systems


  • Clinical program design & review, compliance
  • CQI, evaluation, and professional standards
  • Staffing design, training, and administration
  • Troubleshooting completion rates, ASA, client engagement issues, etc.
  • Addressing special needs populations, implementing culturally appropriate strategies
  • Continuity of care and case management

Our consulting philosophy is simple: We help you to do it, and teach you to do it on your own, all at the same time. If you’re interested in consultation let us know via the Contact Us page.