Intervention can be a scary process not just because we wonder “Will it work?” but “Will they hate me forever?”

Guest contributor “@Nancybratt” has given us this beautiful account of her own reaction to an intervention done on her for her eating disorder.  Her intimate revelation helps us understand what intervention is like “from the inside”– from the viewpoint of the person being intervened on.

Some important things we learned from Nancy-

  • People in denial about an addiction or other life-threatening disorder really DO get that deep in denial.  They don’t see what we see.
  • Careful preparation and having the right people and the right leverage assembled in advance put the power behind the intervention and make it successful.
  • The way the “interven-ee” feels about the intervention changes a lot, from the beginning of the intervention, by the end of the intervention, during treatment and after, and years into recovery.

Download Nancy’s story of being an ‘interven-ee’ by clicking the image: