This 13-page .pdf workbook can be used to assist substance abuse clients with smoking cessation– a necessity at many residential treatment programs, and a requirement for some publicly-funded treatment facilities. The simple 10-step plan and do-it-yourself workbook format is most effective used in conjunction with medical supervision and a support group/patient education program.

Ten simple steps to quit smoking (from the workbook):

  1. Increase your awareness of how, when, and where you use tobacco. Make a careful study of your habits and practices.
  2. Examine your Personal History of involvement with tobacco. Learn about its influence and progression over the years.
  3. Identify the habits and rituals that have developed around your tobacco use. These trigger craving and reinforce relapse.
  4. Begin living one day at a time: Develop a 24 hour approach to life during the next few months. Learn not to get ahead of yourself.
  5. Gradually reduce your tobacco consumption to zero. Use a medically-approved plan to detoxify yourself from tobacco. Aids and treatments can help. Continue making behavior changes throughout the quitting process.
  6. Rearrange your lifestyle to support recovery: Make specific changes that make it easier to live without tobacco. Remember, your lifestyle should promote your physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being.
  7. Build new skills to reduce craving and anxiety. Self-hypnosis and guided imagery can help regulate your emotions during this period of change. Exercise and healthy eating should be part of your recovery.
  8. Build support: Get a ‘recovery buddy’ and stay in touch.
  9. Avoid high-risk situations and people. Have alternatives close at hand when you can’t avoid them altogether.
  10. Carry the message. Support others as they consider quitting.

The workbook includes checklists and exercises to guide the user through the quitting process. You can download the Tobacco Cessation Workbook free; reproduce it and use it freely under its Creative Commons sharealike copyright. We can also provide staff support, training materials, and Instructor’s Guide, and customize the workbook to your facility’s program and branding requirements for a fee (contact us):