One goal of treatment is to provide the addict or alcoholic with “tools for recovery.”  These aren’t objects or little magic gewgaws; they are ways of thinking and acting that strengthen your skills for staying sober.

You learn about tools for recovery in treatment, and maybe get a chance to try some of them out.

But you have to practice with them, and build your skills with them, to make them useful.  A lot of 12-Step program activity is focused around practicing with tools for recovery.  That’s one reason why many treatment programs integrate 12-step activity or strongly recommend that clients make 12-step programs part of their aftercare when they leave treatment.

As a newly-sober person progresses in treatment, sobriety begins to look possible.  But once the support of the treatment program no longer surrounds you, dealing with life’s challenges can be overwhelming.  That’s when tools for recovery count.

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