Most of us have heard them.  There are lots.  This article discusses five of the most common reasons given for negativity about AA and other step fellowships, as well as the most potent reason many people have nothing good to say about step-based fellowship programs.

It’s a cult – with a hidden agenda”

“Those people in the meetings”

“No one should be told they’re ‘powerless'”

“You’re just replacing one crutch with another”

“It doesn’t work.  Only a 3% success rate.”

What’s really behind the negativity?  We know that some addicts and alcoholics are so anxious about anything that might possibly deprive them of their booze/pills/whatever, that it’s easier to trash-talk the fellowships than think about quitting.  But that’s not the only thing behind the negativity.

What do you say when you hear someone give these reasons for hating AA? Particularly if it’s someone in recovery, or someone who loves a person who could benefit from recovery support?  Download the article (below) to see if what you say is anything like what our guest author says about hating AA.

And the most potent reason that drives people away from step fellowships is often the result of the best possible intentions. Download the .pdf by clicking the image: