With all sorts of wild remedies being proposed for COVID-19 – TV preachers hawking silver solution, the Belorussian president advocating vodka and daily saunas, and that 99-year old British woman who somehow survived the disease despite a diet of marmalade sandwiches – I suppose it was only a matter of time before  someone jumped on the cannabis bandwagon. In this case, it’s CBD oil. Among its most passionate advocates: former All-Pro football player Kyle Turley.

He credits his formulation with having healed both his wife’s skin cancer and his own diagnosed CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). That’s the form of brain degeneration believed to result from repeated head traumas. He promises the audience that just like he once did on the football field, his CBD oil will “crush” COVID-19.

Scientific proof? Appears there isn’t any. Doesn’t discourage Kyle, however.

Recently Turley received a formal letter from the FDA advising him to cease making unwarranted claims. He suggested he may just ignore it. I imagine he feels it would be a tragedy to deprive the sick of a chance to purchase his miraculous healing oil.

I have wondered why CBD oil attracts this particular evangelical sort of health promotion. Not much evidence to support it. Maybe some folks will believe anything if cannabis is involved.

What is CBD oil actually useful for? Here’s an overview from the Science-Based Medicine website: CBD Oil: The new miracle cure


In other cannabi-news, a number of states where pot is legal have designated cannabis shops as essential services that can remain open despite the lockdown. Massachusetts, however, balked. The result? Cannabis users, shops suffer high anxiety after Massachusetts shuts down recreational sales

As has happened elsewhere, once cannabis became legal in Massachusetts, demand for medical marijuana nosedived. Clients let their participation lapse, figuring they could get by with ordinary recreational stuff from the corner pot shop. But now, with the coronavirus lockdown in place, that medical marijuana card once again becomes necessary.

Panic. Turns out people can get very dependent on cannabis.

Meanwhile, pot chemists are busy searching for an “ideal” variety that will dominate the marketplace: Cannabis Scientists Are Chasing the Perfect High