Relapse is Not Failure

I felt detached from life and the people around me. I felt like a failure, but I had no other choice but to get back on my feet and try again.

My Life in Recovery

They soon realize they need to learn how to stay sober, while also repairing relationships, restoring health, and picking up the pieces of a career.

“S/he Did it AGAIN?” Repeat DUI Offenders

A criminal defense attorney complained to me that his clients didn’t begin to take things seriously until the second or even third offense.


Families Blogs

The Search for Better Pain Remedies

When the push to use more opioids for pain began, we kept hearing that there were 100 million chronic pain patients in the United States, most of whom were untreated (or undertreated).

Notes From the Epidemic

We should anticipate that many patients with opioid disorders will also be in treatment for some chronic medical disorder.

“Research Says…”

It’s also possible for one study to validate a viewpoint and another study to validate a contradictory view.