The text of Alcoholics Anonymous is directive in nature when it tells me to check to see what my community has to offer me to further my spiritual growth.

When I began my path of sobriety I had had no training what so ever in life in religion or spirituality, none. By definition I was as close to a heathen as one could get. I needed something to help me grow even beyond the lessons provided by the text of AA which is pages 1 – 164 in that book.

I was introduced to “Sermon on the Mount” (1934 Dr. Emmet Fox, Church of the Healing Christ, New York, NY.) by a gentle-man who reeked of love and compassion. Two qualities I knew nothing of. It was his suggestion that a reading and then in-depth study of this book would enable me to eventually grow into all those spiritual qualities I sought. It was also his sharing that if I depended solely on the use of the just the 12 Steps of AA as a spiritual growth medium, that I may just be disappointed at some place down the road in life. Boy was he right.

After 38 years of “practicing these principles….” I can say with conviction that the principles of AA in fact are the rock solid basis of my life and the spiritual teachings of Dr. Fox through “Sermon on the Mount” have provided the height and width for the spirituality in my life today.

Dr Fox was a proponent of “Scientific prayer, practical Christianity and a belief in the Indwelling Christ of all living things”. At first glance many step back and are hesitant at looking at the word “Christian or Christianity”. Let there be no doubt, AA is in fact a Christian organization. Bill W. wrote on page 11, AA BB, “To Christ I behold the greatest of all men…”

Dr. Fox aptly taught me that the word Christ is a Greek word and not a person. He would then help me develop a healthy understanding of philosophy that serves me well today. Many that I mentor (not only in AA) and I study this book in depth today.

I highly recommend this book to all persons, in or out of recovery of any form.

Richard Curtis can be found on Twitter as @ezduzit777