(We knew it, now the research catches up.)  A study published in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors identifies a link between 6th-8th graders feeling emotional support by their teachers, and reduced risk of early alcohol/drug use.  Interviewed for US News & World Report’s HealthDay blog, the study’s primary investigator said “We have known that middle school teachers are important in the lives of young people, but this is the first data-driven study which shows that teacher support is associated with lower levels of early alcohol use.”

It’s common sense, but in the complex web of priorities we set for our teachers, it doesn’t always get the focus it needs.  Here’s a great resource for teachers: “Confronting Substance Abuse:  A Teacher’s Guide”   It was created to accompany the “Close to Home” series on addiction by Bill Moyers.  Not new, but an excellent resource for teachers: