Hidden Agendas

December 19, 2013 by C. Scott McMillin

If we want to see any progress, we’ll have to figure out a way to break this apparent impasse.

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The Active and the Passive

December 12, 2013 by C. Scott McMillin

At its root, treatment is primarily a work relationship– with goals that need to be accomplished, and outcomes that must be kept in mind.

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Agenda vs. Agenda

December 4, 2013 by C. Scott McMillin

Ambivalence isn’t just a matter of figuring out what we want to do. It’s very much about the ability to make good decisions and feel confident about them.

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A Simple Test

November 26, 2013 by C. Scott McMillin

Really resistant clients are already planning to continue using alcohol or drugs throughout treatment, possibly in secret.

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Building Blocks of Motivation

November 21, 2013 by C. Scott McMillin

Even when the patient has concluded that continued substance use is no longer the best option, he or she still harbors a number of important doubts about the ability to change.

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Motivation vs. Unmotivation

November 14, 2013 by C. Scott McMillin

Most addicts and alcoholics wind up in treatment because they’re experiencing difficulties due to substance use– ranging from the pain of withdrawal to troubles with the law, to threatened loss of job or family.

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August 26, 2013 by C. Scott McMillin

Even in remission, the client is still an addict. The challenge is to sustain the remission, going forward.

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Engaging Engagement

July 29, 2013 by C. Scott McMillin

Woman standing, talking to seated women grouped in a circle, gesturing emotionally

Sending somebody to meetings without some prep work is like making a referral for therapy without bothering to find a therapist.

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Is This “Recovery?”

February 18, 2013 by C. Scott McMillin

Weary looking young man lies on sofa extending a remote control.

Instead of becoming inspired to turn his life around, he seems to have figured, “OK, crisis averted. Let’s go get a beer.”

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Build Client Decision-Making Skills With Football

December 10, 2012 by C. Scott McMillin

The point of the game is to win. You win by knowing the odds and trying to take advantage of them. Even if that means resisting emotional impulses.

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