Relapse is Not Failure

I felt detached from life and the people around me. I felt like a failure, but I had no other choice but to get back on my feet and try again.

My Life in Recovery

They soon realize they need to learn how to stay sober, while also repairing relationships, restoring health, and picking up the pieces of a career.

“S/he Did it AGAIN?” Repeat DUI Offenders

A criminal defense attorney complained to me that his clients didn’t begin to take things seriously until the second or even third offense.


Families Blogs

In the News: Spit in the Ocean

But it quickly becomes clear that the powers that be within the land are far more interested in fighting and squabbling among themselves over political power and riches, than in addressing this existential horror. 

In the News: The Fentanyl Factor

That’s the thing about illicit drug use– no quality control, or truth in advertising.

Heroin Assisted Treatment

The benefits of the program are framed mostly in terms of harm reduction– what doesn’t happen.