New Life, New You, New Job

Rebuilding trust is no easy feat but if you have a friend or family member willing to let you crash on the couch, you will have to do just that temporarily.

Why Addiction is a Family Disease

Partners of addicted people may have difficulty leaving or setting boundaries because they do not wish to be rejected or hated by their partner.

Stop Thinking Like That

Nine months ago I was rummaging through your garbage for 5¢ cans. Today I am an author.


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The Pain Patients’ Dilemma

In the past, we’ve flung opioids at the problem, and haven’t developed alternatives.

In the News: Merchant Princes

…tolerable when we’re talking about window fasteners or computer mice but surely not when the product in question directly affects our health or even our survival.

Social Drinking? Problem Drinking?

Her definition of social drinking was any alcohol consumed in the company of other human beings.